About Us


Umur Stationery sees the improvement of our nation's stationery sector as a mission. The company's activities have all been designed based on this perspective, resulting in the growth of the sector.

In 1994, Umur entered the stationery sector, acquiring the Turkey-wide representation of UHU, one of the world's largest adhesive brands. Since then, it has grown to twelve international brands, each a leader in its own field, along with six brands of the company's own creation. Umur Stationery holds the sector's largest portfolio of brands and products, offering nearly 8,000 different types of products to satisfy a broad range of its consumers' needs.

Umur Stationery boasts the largest stationery sales force in Turkey, regularly visiting points of purchase throughout the country. With its investments in logistics and its remarkably effective distribution system, the company has made an important difference to the sector.

With its pioneering work, Umur Stationery has increased Turkey's stationery use, while continuously raising the sector’s quality standards. It was our group that introduced ‘service quality’ to the sector, making ongoing investments in order to provide our partners and consumers with extensive one-to-one customer service, a rich product variety, a broad distribution network, all supported by our SAP infrastructure.

As the number of brands we represented grew rapidly over the years, Umur Stationery took on a special position in the sector. Holding twelve of the world's biggest stationery brands in its portfolio, our group implements each of these important brand's international strategies here in Turkey, while at the same time developing customized local strategies. Each brand is supported by integrated marketing, from advertising to public relations, from field activities to custom projects.

Umur Stationery has founded an extensive sales organization of seventy people so that it can satisfy the expectations and needs of its stationery retailers. Field sales representatives utilize the latest technology as they regularly visit and serve over 7,000 stationery retailers.

Our SAP infrastructure enables every single point of purchase to be registered in a CRM Customer Database and classified according to its individual characteristics and needs. Customers are then provided with tailored solutions based on this data.

Effective Logistic Management

Knowing the importance to our customers of speed and on-time delivery, Umur Stationery has made extensive investments in logistics. The company does everything to ensure that the entire process, from purchase order to delivery, runs quickly and effectively.

Our 21,000 m2  in Istanbul's Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone is managed through a barcode system integrated with SAP's WM (Warehouse Management) module. The goal of product bar-coding is to provide absolutely error-free and prompt order delivery to each and every corner of the country. For this purpose, alongside our technological infrastructure, we utilize both a special team and contracted logistics companies meeting specific criteria.