One of Europe’s largest manufacturers of office organization products and presentation systems, Durable is well known for its rich product range, high quality and its excellent designs.

Durable's “The style of success” slogan symbolizes that its products contribute to its users' professional image, and thus, to their success. Also expressed is that “success requires responsibility”, a clear indication of the company's sensitivity to society and to the environment.

Durable Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a family business in Iserlohn, Germany, in 1920. It assumed a pioneering development role, supporting both office supplies production and a creative corporate culture. In 1959, Duraclip®,  a folder with a built-in clip, was introduced to the market. Enabling paper to be filed quickly and professionally without the need to punch holes, Duraclip attained a great success. Over the following years, Durable kept its market position by continuously developing stylish and functional products. Its many international design awards are an indication of these developments.

Spanning more than 2,000 products, Durable offers consumers a range of high quality products, including clip files, presentation units, Duraframe magnetic frames, colorful office supplies, cardholders, and name tags.

The vast majority of Durable products are manufactured at the company’s production facilities in Germany (in Gotha, Iserlohn-Sümmern, and Kamen-Mether) and, since 2006, in Poland. Since 1994, production quality has been assured by ISO 9001 certification.

The Durable brand is seen worldwide, with representation in England, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France, Austria, via it US partners, and in Poland, Italy, and Russia. Its international presence is enhanced through collaborations with importers.

Durable's Environmental Awareness Principle

The conservation of nature is one of our time's greatest challenges. No responsible modern company can think of operating without an environmental consciousness. It should always be remembered that there is no second planet for us to live on. An environmentally sensitive company can have a permanent effect only as long as it improves its activities continually in such a direction.

Based on its fundamental principles, Durable aims to continually improve its environmentally focused management. The company's intention is to develop largely recyclable, as well as profitable, products. Its products' and production processes' environmental effects are critically analyzed on a regular basis. This is why its products' material thicknesses and packagings are regularly checked for possible improvements. A significant amount of material has already been saved thanks to the packing alterations so far developed by the company.

Durable also proves its environmental sensitivity in its purchasing policies. At the regular meetings of the purchasing department and its suppliers, important decisions are taken in favor of ecological sustainability. Because one way to preserve nature is through the very careful selection of appropriate materials, all manufacturers' and suppliers' certifications and the appropriate legal regulations are regularly evaluated, with all purchase decisions being made on this basis.