The most practical way to remember and remind:

In our daily struggles of work, home and school, we are trying to keep too many things in our mind. Especially at busy work places, our ‘To Do’ list just gets longer and longer. Then we naturally forget the bills we need to pay, the notes we need to forward to others, the work that we need to follow up on. At moments like these we need Notix so we can easily make notes. Offering us the most practical way to remember, Notix makes every area of our lives easier.

Notix sticky notes have been manufactured in Germany since 2007, under the assurance of Umur Stationery. Made of prime quality paper in pastel and vivid neon colors, Notix stands out due to its non-solvent adhesive. The products are offered to users in standard and in varied forms, with a tear tape or hanging packaging. Having established a significant market presence with its affordable prices, Notix determines its product variety and packaging forms based on its consumer needs.

Conducting all of its manufacturing and services in an environmentally-conscious manner, Umur Stationery Industry and Trade Inc. maintains this important mission with its Notix manufacture. Eco-certified and recyclable materials are used for the packaging of all Notix products.