Pilot was founded in 1918 in Japan as a fountain pen manufacturer. Starting with the name “The Namiki Manufacturing Company”, Pilot was begun by two professors from the Tokyo Merchant Marine College: Ryosuke Namiki and Masao Wada. In 1938 the company changed its name to “The Pilot Pen Co. Ltd” and then to its current name, “Pilot Corporation”, in 1989.

With 15 partnerships, 80 distributors and 3000 employees across 5 continents, Pilot is one of Japan's oldest and largest pen manufacturers. It offers more than 100 countries' consumers the quality and comfort of writing with Pilot pens. With its effective R&D department, its experienced in-house design team, strong manufacturing infrastructure, and its successful sales network, Pilot has never given up on manufacturing innovative products and pushing the limits of writing instrument technology.

With its never-ending research into innovative products coupled with its industrial decisiveness, Pilot will continue to offer its users successful technologies that will completely transform writing instruments. One example was the Pilot Frixion, with its erasable ink, that revolutionized the pen sector. Since 2004, Pilot has been presented to Turkish consumers by Umur Stationery Industry and Trade Inc, a representative of many of the world's leading stationery brands.