Introduced to consumers in 2014 accompanied by its ‘Lighten life’s load!’ motto, Trendix regards its mission as offering the most innovative, economic and stylish bags, lunchboxes, pencil cases and drink bottles.

Having each gone through health, durability and quality tests, Trendix products hit the shelves as a product range safe for use by both adults and children. Produced to EU standards, Trendix products are each tested for health and safety at expert laboratories before being presented to the market.

Trendix products are carefully designed for consumers of all ages, but especially for young people, following which they are meticulously manufactured.

In the licensed product category, licenses of world famous companies such as Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers and Smiley are used on products manufactured under the brand of Trendix.

In 2015, the manufacture of Trendix bags, pencil cases and lunchboxes moved to Turkey. While offering consumers the best solutions, Trendix aims to grow in strength through the use of Turkish manufacturers' labor.

Having inherited Umur Stationery's know-how and reliability built up since 1994, the Trendix team is proud to supply its consumers with the high quality and product range that they deserve.