UHU’s history began in 1905, in the city of Büehl, Germany when a pharmacist named August Fischer bought the “Ludwig Hoerth” chemistry factory. Their primary success occurred in 1932 with the invention of the world’s first resin based synthetic adhesive.

This was the first glue that could bind any of the materials known at the time, and was named “UHU Der Alleskleber” (UHU General Purpose Adhesive). The brand was born with this product in its yellow and black colored tube, still irreplaceable as today's best known glue.

UHU’s success was not limited to this product. Its worldwide success comes from creating new products and improving upon existing products based in response to changing and developing consumer needs.

Today, having added many innovative and practical products to its range, UHU provides adhesive solutions in every field, from schools to offices, from hobbies to industrial applications.

The brand's production concept is to always aim for high quality, from content to packaging. Product quality is standardized through testing at the company's own laboratories and via independent institutions including TÜV, SGS, and dermatest®. One of the UHU Research and Development Department's missions is to develop human and environmentally friendly products - both formula and packaging - without any compromises in product performance.

Reaching 600 million consumers in 125 countries, UHU is currently one of the adhesive sector's leading establishments. The brand is the market leader in both Turkey and in Europe, with a very strong position in the Middle East and across Asia and America.

With a brand philosophy of nurturing human imagination across all ages, but mainly in children, while increasing savings by supporting manual manufacture and repair, UHU, represented by Umur Stationery Industry and Trade Inc, continues to grow in Turkey.