Founded in 1990, the Y-Plus brand's producer, Shanghai Friendship, is one of the world's leading brands of quality pencil sharpener blades, while also manufacturing erasers, rulers, pencils, colored pencils and crayons.

This is a manufacturer that places great importance on producing pencil sharpeners made of new materials, such as bamboo, that are not only practical, but healthy. This is a company with the creative and innovative strategy of producing high quality nickel plated blades based on its customer needs.

To ensure high quality, all processes - including blade manufacture, plastic injection and installation - are rigorously monitored. By means of qualified technical personnel, advanced production technology and a broad product range, the Y-Plus pencil sharpeners have become Europe EN71 standard approved.

These high quality pencil sharpeners as offered to the Turkish market are suitable for every student's needs. This is a colorful product range ready to meet its consumers, a product range including sharpeners with or without receptacles, single or double blades, smooth grip or containing erasers.

In erasers there are odorless, colorful, ergonomic, springy and basic products, for every need.

This product range has been growing since 2016. Now, durable hard plastic rulers in vivid colors and crayons that don’t stain the users' hands have hit the shelves. The brand's mission is to provide consumers with comfort and fun while using high quality products in stylish designs.